A phygital tour in the Antwerp MAS museum

For the opening of MAS Museum in Antwerp, we were asked to drive international attention to MAS Museum and attract visitors from abroad.

We wanted to give people a taste of MAS museum, while sitting at home behind their computer. An online experience of a real museum visit.

We created remote controlled human guides. The visitor chooses a guide and floor and starts a personal session. He navigates the guide through the museum, using the arrow keys on his keyboard.

The museum guide hears audio commands, walks around and streams a video feed to the website. The online visitor can navigate through the museum and let the guide zoom in on artworks or frame the view over Antwerp.

Each session ends after three minutes and visitors land on a promotion offer. They also receive a travel deal via email.

Five guides engaged in five thousand individual sessions over three weeks. When guides were occupied, people looked over the shoulder of on-going video sessions.

We launched the campaign via online PR and social tactics. We addressed online magazines, blogs and online influencers. This led to coverage on popular sites and a cascade of messages via social media. After each tour, visitors shared a badge on Facebook.

A total of one hundred thousand people visited the campaign site and five thousand visitors took an individual live tour. We captured ten thousand email addresses and sent them travel promotions.

All online articles combined reached a million readers. Via twitter we addressed a network of one million followers.

The campaign drove international attention to MAS museum and convinced people to visit Antwerp. And we hope we have convinced you too, to visit MAS Museum.

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