Audi and Paradise City at a crossroads, together with Prophets.

Audi and Paradise City at a crossroads, together with Prophets.

In the pursuit of a more sustainable world, Audi is taking initiatives with external partners on matters that go beyond mobility. To give these initiatives a platform, Audi created the Audi Crossroads concept, in collaboration with Prophets. The partnership with Paradise City is a first realization.

“Contributing to a more sustainable world, by focusing on progress, innovation and adaptability. As partners, Audi and Paradise City share the same mission”, explains Stef Sleurs, Marketing Manager at Audi. ”It seems as if we were meant for each other.”
​The story behind this unique partnership, and how the collaboration led to new concepts during the corona crisis, was visualized by Prophets for the new Audi Crossroads project.

We follow the initiators behind Paradise City, Gilles De Decker and Dimitri Verschueren, and discover their commitment, vision and drive. They take us to the origins of the festival and tell us how they see its future. In addition, we learn how they adapted to the ever-changing circumstances during the Corona crisis, with the support of Audi.

 These stories are told through a cinema spot and a digital campaign with content videos, articles and social media posts.



Client: Audi
​Contacts: Pascal Ursi, Stef Sleurs
​Agency: Prophets
​Creative Director: Sam De Win
​Creation: Jérôme Lefebvre & Stijn De Schryver
​Motion design: Laurens Maes
​Design: Micha Symoens
​Strategy: Bram Cappaert
​Account team: Nathalie Vergught, Claire Eyberg
​Production: The Breakfast Club
​Director: Kurt De Leyer

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