Macron and Merkel go viral with Prophets

Macron and Merkel go viral with Prophets

You undoubtedly noticed that Macron and Merkel were guests last week in De Kempen. And naturally the press didn´t ignore it, either. In the meantime, the funny video that Prophets posted in collaboration with De Vloer on the Facebook page of Toerisme Kempen has been shared more than 5500 times. It was already viewed over 1 million times and elicited more than 27,000 enthusiastic responses, comments and shares. And still counting …

Everyone is entitled to a bit of rest and relaxation. And that´s what a Kempen cure is all about. On you´ll find numerous tips for a weekend away. Angela already drew a lot of inspiration from it for her outing with brand-new colleague ´Manuel´.

Prophets and De Vloer are responsible for the strategy, creation and production of communication campaigns for Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen. They promote De Kempen as a tourist region.

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