Orange is really going for VR

Orange is really going for VR

For the Orange ‘Make it Real’ branded service, Prophets thought up a unique, high-tech VR-on-demand kit which allows people to participate in true stories in real time. As a result, the company is not just leaping blindly onto the virtual reality bandwagon. The innovative service which is taking Orange a step further ties in closely with the brand promise: to create what really matters.

In November, Orange put out a call to its customers: tell us who you would like to have closer to you, and we will make your wish come true with VR. In the first mini documentary, we see how Tonia uses the VR kit to conquer her fear of heights. Together with her husband Gill, she enjoys the spectacular view from the Eiffel Tower: she wears the VR goggles and keeps her feet firmly on the ground, while Gill has the VR kit on his back and his head in the clouds.

Two-way communication

“These days, VR devices are generally used for passively watching 360° video: purely one-way traffic,” says Lucas Caesens, creative technologist at Prophets. “We developed and built a portable, custom-assembled Virtual Reality kit. As a result, we are aiming to achieve extraordinary two-way experiences and communication.”

VR in real time

What is so unique about this VR solution? Everything takes place in real time. Both the filming and sound recording at the Eiffel Tower and the merging of the images and 3D audio. This means that the person who is wearing the VR goggles can actually attend and participate in the event or occasion, in real time.

Technological masterpiece

The self-welded VR kit is something of a technological masterpiece. Not only does it consist entirely of hardware products for consumers, but it also has an internal battery which can be charged using solar panels, as well as custom software to connect everything... Not to mention live streaming via the Orange wireless 4G network.

A work in progress

The first of six VR mini documentaries, produced by The Virus, can be viewed on the Orange social media channels. 

More about the VR-on-demand-kit at

Watch the making-of on Vimeo.

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