Promising incoming transfers at Prophets

Promising incoming transfers at Prophets

Prophets has just announced several new additions to its line-up. This first-rate selection will enable the agency to compete for the top spot in the next few seasons. The aim is also to provide an even better service with a team that is perfectly attuned to each other. So who are the new reinforcements?

Account director Davy De Zutter (ex-Havas) will be the driving force behind the accounting team in addition to mainstay Nathalie Rots (ex-Ogilvy), who will take on the duties of account manager. This dynamic duo will be flanked by account executive Wout Bemelmans (ex-Landvogel). 

Prophets has expanded its options in its offensive department thanks to creative copywriter Wouter Huyghe (ex-Ogilvy) and young talent Gert Hauben as social media & community manager. 

Expectations for a more technically gifted player are just as high: Tom Bruyneel, who joined Prophets on loan several seasons ago as a backend & mobile app developer, has now been signed. 

The team can also count on the valued contributions of DTP specialist Hervé Pinté (ex-Air) who has earned a spot on the starting line-up. The same goes for Radia Hamdaoui (ex-Belfius) who has showcased her webmastering skills. 

A brief comment by Prophets partner Björn Roos on this new generation: “We have a talented team many of our competitors can only dream of.”


(Picture top row Nathalie Rots, Davy De Zutter, Tom Bruyneel, Wout Bemelmans; bottom row:  Hervé Pinte, Wouter Huyghe, Gert Hauben, Radia Hamdaoui)

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