Prophets and Seppe Nobels put potato back on the map

Prophets and Seppe Nobels put potato back on the map


Now that we know the difference between our quinoa, bulgur and kamut, Prophets is launching a new potato campaign for Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board VLAM. Vegetable chef of the year Seppe Nobels, who runs Antwerp restaurant Graanmarkt 13, will be diving into his recipes as the face of the campaign.


In an entertaining clip shot by filmmaker and food photographer Piet De Kersgieter, Prophets proves that potatoes can be very surprising and versatile. The video shows Seppe Nobels serving ‘Solanum’ to unsuspecting passers-by from his food truck. He offers them an innovative salad with locally grown potatoes as ‘exotic superfood’.


Culinary heritage

Nobels explains why he is so committed to this campaign: “Potatoes have been a part of our food culture for 400 years. Everyone keeps talking about superfoods, but products like quinoa are flown in from the other side of the world. When I visit another country, I am proud of our Belgian potato dishes. Chips, for example, are part of our national identity, aren’t they?"


Locally grown golden nuggets

The campaign of Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board VLAM puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on all the current food hypes, but its main objective is to rouse people’s interest in this underrated tuber again with Facebook, bannering and native advertising. The recipe website is truly inspiring, with original potato recipes, useful tips and interesting facts about potatoes. It also shows that potatoes pack some very real health perks and are not nearly as unhealthy as some believe.


Blogger event

Nobels hit his pots and pans again for the launch of the VLAM potato campaign. Bloggers and journalists were invited to indulge their taste buds at a five-course potato dinner at Graanmarkt 13.


Watch Seppe Nobels’ video here.

Find more potato recipes at

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