Prophets is jangling the keys to your new Audi

Prophets is jangling the keys to your new Audi

With an immediate delivery car, you can pretty much drive away right after you’ve sealed the deal.
Prophets has taken that quite literally for their latest online and poster campaign to announce Audi’s exceptional deals on immediate delivery vehicles. The keys to the brand new Audi models are yours for the taking …
In short: get them while they’re in stock.
Experience your key moment when you’re on the road or online on one of your screens.






Client: Audi
Contacts: Stef Sleurs, Marie Carranza & Nathalie Demeulemeester

Agency: Prophets
Creative Director: Sam De Win
Creation: Wouter Huyghe, Ivan Moons, Micha Symoens
Strategy: Daan Richard
Account: Nathalie Rots, Amaury Thomas
Design: Micha Symoens
DTP: Hervé Pinte
Copy: Thomas Vandenhouten, Wouter Huyghe
Online follow-up: Kenneth Boerjan
Motion design: Pieter Dombret & Dave De Preter




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