Prophets produces roaring electro rock for Audi

Prophets produces roaring electro rock for Audi

GOOSE’s latest track ‘Circles’ features a very special guest: the Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus. The result is a healthy dose of roaring electro rock. GOOSE not only wrote a new song, Wim Reygaert also shot an accompanying video. The performance was recorded directly on vinyl and released as a limited edition. 


Lead vocalist Mickael Karkousse: “There's no shortage of videos of cars driving through a mountain range or racing around a circuit. We like to try new things and push the envelope. I think that’s what we have in common with Audi. The challenge was far from easy but with the technicians’ help we were able to make the Audi R8 sing. The track is a cross between a live performance and an art installation where we challenge each other and ultimately create an intricate interplay. That’s right, we have a fifth band member now, one that excels at acceleration (laughs).”


Sam De Win, Creative Director at Prophets: “This truly was a unique experience and that also goes for the collaboration with GOOSE and Wim Reygaert. The recording session took place in an insulated environment. The gas pedal was pressed or released to the rhythm of the track. It was wonderful to witness how raw revolutions per minute were suddenly transformed into electronic beats per minute...”


Sofie Luyckx, PR Manager at Audi: “As the video progresses, you can clearly see the two elements blend together: the band and the car. It’s great to see how GOOSE puts our Audi R8 on a pedestal and integrates it on stage right next to the band.”



  • Client: Audi
  • Client Team: Vincent Thys - Sofie Luyckx - Frédéric Hurchon
  • Creative Director: Sam De Win
  • Creative Team: Sam De Win - Mickael Karkousse (GOOSE) - Wim Reygaert - Frederik Draulans
  • Strategy: Daan Richard
  • Account Team: Amaury Thomas - Sofie De Clercq
  • Video Production: Caviar
  • Director: Wim Reygaert
  • DOP: Maximiliaan Dierckx
  • Making of: Bram Kempynck (camera), Pieter Dombret (motion)
  • PR: RCA
  • Manager GOOSE & Safari Studios: Hans Ascrawat
  • Vinyl cutting (live): Daft Studios
  • Vinyl Production:


Submitted for the Cannes Lions 2018 in the categories:

Entertainment Lions for Music > D01: Use of Original Composition

Entertainment Lions for Music > D06: Excellence in Music / Brand Partnership

Film Craft > A07: Use of Original Music

Film Craft > A09: Sound Design



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