Prophets thanks everyone for Crelan

Prophets thanks everyone for Crelan

You are not alone in life. There are always friends, family and acquaintances you can rely on. And your Crelan broker is always at your side as well. Because Crelan is a bank of the people. A bank where you walk in and the bank manager knows your name.

To emphasise this connection and put the spotlight on the various financial solutions Crelan has to offer, Prophets has launched a lively radio campaign to thank everyone - and the Crelan broker in particular - who helps us get things done. After all, no renovations without a renovation loan, no new home without a home loan and no isolation works without green energy financing. In other words, your Crelan broker is firmly rooted in real life, underscoring once again our new Crelan tag line: A new way of banking together. Thank you, Crelan.



Client: Crelan

Contact: Frank Van Hees

Agency: Prophets

CD: Sam De Win

Creation: Wouter Huyghe, Olivier Roland

Strategic Director: Daan Richard

Account Team: Véronique Beutels, Johan De Backer

Radio Production Company: Raygun

Radio Producer: Peter Baert, Jérôme Gijsen

Radio Director: Toon Jansegers

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