Prophets floors the new BerryAlloc website

Friday, January 13, 2012 — Prophets designed the website for BerryAlloc, manufacturer of high-quality flooring and walldecoration

BerryAlloc is a fusion of the BerryFloor brand and the Norwegian Alloc, both functioning inside the Beaulieu group.

Prophets developed a competitors analysis and online marketing strategy for BerryAlloc. In cooperation with Delaware Consultingcreated a a brand new pan-european website for BerryAlloc. These are aimed at home, busines and professional clients.

Prophets conducted the digital strategy to and interactive concept and shaped the 'interaction design'.  

BerryAlloc was also kickstarted on social media.

Prophets - BerryAlloc Productcatalog
prophets - BerryAlloc homepage